Octobers Tech Tip

So you have a Vendo Soda machine that worked great when you took it off location and now, for some strange reason, none of your buttons seem to work. Surprisingly, I have seen this quite a few times. I’m guessing between dirt and oxidation the contacts in the buttons just give up. The good news is that you can clean the contacts and don’t need to buy new buttons or leave the machine inoperable.  
The first thing you need to do is simply remove the button from the machine. If one is bad the rest are sure to follow, so you may want to do them all when you see how easy it is.

This is what you will have once the button is removed.

These green tabs are what hold the button inside the white plastic housing. The outer white housing is pliable enough that you can gently pry the two tabs on each side apart and separate the button.  
Once it is apart, you will be able to see the contacts. You will need to clean boths sides of the assembly. I like to use a simple pen eraser, as it has enough grit to clean these to where they will work again.

Gently use the eraser on the areas that the screwdriver is pointing at. When you are done, blow this out with compressed air to ensure that everything is clean.

Now simply snap the button back together (It will only snap together one way). Pop it back into the front of the machine. Test the column out and enjoy your machine.


1 thought on “Octobers Tech Tip”

  1. Thanks for the tip I don’t have one of these Vendo machines but if some other vendor has and need help I will use this tip.
    Pakay Ching


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