About us

Welcome to Technivend, Inc.

Technivend, Inc. was established in 1990 to fulfill a growing need for an independent service entity for the vending industry.  Since we started our operation, our expertise has consistently been called upon by those in the vending industry.  

We are on the cutting edge of technology and, combined, have over 65 years experience in the vending industry. We offer services to support vendors of all sizes, no matter how big or how small. In addition to selling vending equipment our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contractual repairs for vendors of all sizes. Even if you employ your own service department, we can be there on an as needed basis for any overflow work.
  • Consulting services for those just getting into the vending industry or for those companies that might just want a fresh set of eyes to identify where their service department could fiscally improve.
  • Upgrading and machine conversions to update your current equipment. We can install boards, kits, doors, upgraded coin handling, credit card readers or whatever else you need to make your current equipment technologically up to date.

In our business, experience counts, and over the years the more work we have done, the more we have learned about our customers’ needs and how to best serve them.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we look forward to supporting you with all your vending needs.